Lots of companies will rent you access to their raw computing infrastructure. But your cloud doesn’t operate on infrastructure alone. It takes a wide variety of specialized engineering skills to architect and manage not only the infrastructure, but also the many complex tools and applications that run on top of it, including the latest data engines and ecommerce platforms. With other providers, that’s your responsibility. But we do things differently at Rackspace.

Plan name Space (GB) Bandwith (GB) Control Panel Price Details link
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Plan name Space (GB) Bandwith (GB) CPU/vCore RAM (GB) Price Order link
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Plan name Processor Core RAM (GB) HDD (GB) Bandwith (GB) Port Speed Price Order link
AIntel® Xeon2.26GHz12GB5 x 146GB2TB4 x 1Gbps$469.00View details
BIntel® Xeon2.4GHz48GB5 x 300GB2TB4 x 1Gbps$679.00View details
CIntel® Xeon2.4GHz64GB5 x 600GB2TB4 x 1Gbps$959.00View details


  • Address 1 Fanatical Place
    City of Windcrest
    San Antonio, TX 78218

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July 20, 2016 9:45 pm

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