Our names are Michael Herpich and Michael Bölke and we are the two partners of Contabo.

In the spring of 2003, when we set up our own hosting company which is specialized in webspace packages and dedicated servers, people from all quarters generally dismissed our idea as a hopeless venture. At that time the market was already saturated with hundreds of similar companies in Germany alone. It would apparently be impossible for us to compete with established companies that had already become global giants with thousands of servers and even more customers.

Contrary to the sceptics’ and pessimists’ forecasts, Contabo – which still was called Giga-International at that time – has itself steadily expanded, step by step, over the last 36 months to a size that now ranks among those large-scale companies once described as “untouchables” – thanks to our customers. Over the first 36 months our products, associated services and in-house one-to-one service generated so much publicity and interest that today thousands of customers world-wide are renting webspace and their own servers at Contabo. When we started up, we had just one single server in the data center. Today, we are already on the threshold of exceeding 5000 servers – and our business is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

In 2009, we established a new data center with enough room for more than 4000 servers in Munich, which is our traditional place of business. This has been done in order to face the growing demand in colocation and dedicated servers and to reach an even higher quality of service. The same building also contains our office rooms which enables us to deliver excellent support, 365 days a year (also on holidays and weekends).

At the beginning of 2013, we changed our company name. “Giga-International”, the name used until then, was replaced by “Contabo” which is not only considerably shorter, but at the same time even more catchy. The new company name Contabo GmbH is nothing but a continuance of our previous company name. The company as a legal entity remained likewise unchanged as the top quality service level to the benefit of our customers. Since that time we are available for our German customers under Contabo.de and for our international clients by using Contabo.com.

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    Contabo GmbH
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