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How to enable and configure SNMP on a VMware ESXi Server

It’s mandatory┬áto active SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) to monitor your ESXi server health and status. To enable SNMP on your ESXi, follow the steps below. First, you have to Start the SNMP Service by login to Vmware ESXi. To…


Linux vi Editor Commands that you should know

I think vi editor is one of the most popular file editor in linux world and almost every linux user used it ones in a life. But most of us don’t know or cant remember all the commands that we…


SOLVED-The system failed to open the session file because of an error (cPanel)

This article will show you how to resolve the problem of failed to open session lockfile: /var/cpanel/sessions/raw/:. You will normally see this error message when you try to login into your WHM, and the error message will look similar to…